The village

The village


Brann du Senon, former homeless, former biker, ex-con and eternal rebel, decided to change his life. After an eventful existence and several heart-attacks, he became a housing rights activist, buyed a field in Fontainebleau forrest, 80 kms away from Paris, some old caravans he accommodated, and organized a community to host homeless people. Since then, men – and some women – thrown into the streets, come relax in this improvised village. The aim is to provide them with shelter and food to enable them to consider more serenely reintegration.

Independent of any structure, the community has its rules. No addiction, and everyone has to give a hand : feed the animals ( pigs, chickens … ), maintain the garden, fetch water in the the neighboring wells, general repairs, retrieve of daily unsold goods given by supermarkets nearby…

Life conditions are not that easy (no shower, no tap water, electricity 8 hours a day), and community life does not fit everyone. Turnover is high; sometimes the village has only 3 or 4 people living in it, sometimes 15.

Recently, former residents decided to sue the founder, accusing him of bad treatments and deprivation of money.


Period : 2013-2014
Location : France
Publications  : L’Obs (fr), Burn Magazine (US), Témoignage Chrétien (fr)
Exhibitions : Noorderlicht festival, Hanovre Lumix festival for young photojournalism, Visa Pour l’Image (screening), Tri Postal de Lille, BNF Paris (Bourse du talent), Singapore International photography festival